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Hi people!

Do you like to play games / listen to music / do pharmaceutical discussions?

Everybody knows that we are obliged to understand English and that the world has been changing its priorities in relation to professional preparation. On the other hand, how could this be effectively done if we do not have time for it? Or maybe even worst! We do not have money for it.

We are working on a different way of “making it happen” and, the most important, learn pharmaceutical English language. So why don´t you come to us and have a different overview of learning English?

FAQs (Frequent Asked Questions)
– Are you an English teacher?
No! Of course not! We are not professionals! But have you ever wanted to practice English without paying amounts of money and discuss about professional issues? Have you ever wondered if you forget English just because you have been using it less than you should? Come to us and discover our secret.

– I am in the basic level, can I participate?
YES you can! Actually many basic level students have been practicing with us. For more informations, just come and have fun!

– I am in the advanced level (TOEFL / Cambridge Exams), should I participate?
YES, in the Organization we have people who have been studying and/or have already done international experiences, so as some of the participants with us! You should try it…


YELLOW COW: let us be (a little bit) more prepared for the pharmaceutical profession!

Enter our e-mail group and practice the article discussion or suggest a different activity to improve your english. The group is: Join us!


__________Andrés, Andressa, Dani and Lucas_______________


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